Serial production

Using our machinery we produce high-precision parts of any materials and with material thicknesses ranging from 0.04 mm up to 3 mm. Generally, cutting sizes are possible up to a 100 x 100mm format. In exceptional cases, deviations may possibly occur from these specifications. Please feel free to approach us here. Dimensional accuracies up to a range of a hundredth of a millimeter pose no problem for us.

On the one hand, our self-developed and manufactured transfer-stamping-bending machines, which are unique to our company, are available for you. These provide a significant cost reduction related to tool as well as material usage and set-up costs, with regard to parts prices.

We can also offer production on Bihler-machines as well as Fico-machines as other transfer-punching and bending machines.

On the other hand, our machinery also consists of customary high-speed presses with a pressing force of 100kN to 630kN from Schaal and Mabu manufacturers. Speeds of 80-1000 strokes per minute are run in this manufacturing area.

An optimal and stable parts production is ensured with the help of integrated process monitoring systems and regular maintenance.

Stamped Parts


Parts on reel

Assembly groups